Monday, May 10, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Do you ever just need to get out of town, even for a few hours? Well Scott and I reached that point this past weekend. We've had a lot going through our heads lately and it was just time to rest our brains for a few hours. We headed to Houston on a beautiful afternoon to catch an Astros game:

My husband is a baseball nut and I'm along for the ride so I might as well become a nut, too. I must admit, there is something so magical about a freshly manicured baseball field:

Another part of baseball's magic: The hot dogs are always good, no matter the stadium:

So, the Astros didn't win (because they're not very good this year) but it was still a great getaway date night. One of the highlights occurred as we were finding our seats in the front row of the outfield...We started walking down these steps....
...and I was instantly transported to New York City almost two years ago exactly. Same location, same yellow pole marking our seats at Yankee Stadium:
And although nothing compares to a summer night in New York City at Yankee Stadium, the House that Ruth built, sometimes just a moment or a memory can transport you back and make you feel like you were there anyway. So in my head, while the Astros were losing, I was in New York with the love of my life, watching Derek Jeter hit a homer while munching on a Yankee dog. Yes, life is good.


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